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80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra! This is alarming because an ill-fitted bra is not just uncomfortable but also detrimental to breast health. Fortunately, you can put an end to all your bra-induced problems—breast skin damage, stretch marks, bad posture, neck, back, and shoulder pain, and more—with Bra Garden! At Bra Garden, we start you off on your quest to find comfortable garments with a professional bra fitting. We are a one-stop-shop for bras of all sizes, colours, and styles. You are guaranteed to find your perfect match—a bra that will give you the support that you deserve!

Bra Garden

The Support You Need


Avoid chafing and other breast discomfort with supportive, top-quality sleep and leisure bras—the soft, comfortable alternative to traditional bras.


Pair our range of strapless bras with stunning off-shoulder outfits. Look fabulous without compromising on comfort with Bra Garden.


Find sturdy sports bras that will always have your back during strenuous exercise routines. Our sports bras are designed to minimize breast movement and alleviate all discomfort for a smooth workout.


From breast forms and compression garments to arm sleeves, nipples, and more, we carry all the mastectomy bras and accessories you need to feel comfortable and confident post-breast surgery.

Maternity & Nursing

Give your breasts the support and care they need as they grow and change during pregnancy. Our nursing bras will make it easier for you to feed your little one.

Bra Fitting

Find your correct bra size and solve all your bra problems with our professional bra fitters. Discover bras that provide you with the support you need.

Are You Wearing the Right-Sized Bra? Find Out!

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