I waited way too long to come in here. After struggling with pain in my shoulders from my ill-fitting bras, I decided it was time to get properly fitted. I heard of this place from a few friends and heard great things, so I was eager to come in.

The Yelp reviews don't lie - this place is great! Kathy and Kari were there, and were super nice. Kari fitted me and had me out the door in thirty minutes. I bought two bras that I really like. I was also anticipating spending a lot more than I did, which was a nice surprise. I'm sitting here wearing one of them as I write this review and the straps aren't digging, nothing is poking,and it just feels...right.

I'll definitely be back when it gets closer to summer - they have bra-sized swimwear, which is an absolute god-send for chesty girls. Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment, you won't be disappointed!

Corrie C. - Yelp Review

I love how chill and relaxed this place is. Kathy was super helpful in helping me get a proper bra and in teaching me how to *wear* one correctly. I swear, she put one bra on me and I realized that it didn't even feel like the straps were there. What a difference.

My husband and I visited at noon on a Saturday. I didn't make an appointment and was a little worried about how busy it would be on a weekend. But no one there but Kathy, her assistants, and an adorable, small dog who was trained or even-tempered enough not to immediately investigate the new person entering. Kathy ushered me back into a large fitting room and set to work.

I'd been trying to measure myself and order online, but nothing fit exactly like it seemed it should. Kathy figured out my size and fit and instantly had perfectly fitting bras for me to try on. Everything ran in to $60 range, but I'm a 40GG so I expect things to be a little steep. Though, honestly, I was anticipating in the $80s so I was actually pleasantly surprised. Even the most standard, nude and serviceable bra I got was pretty and detailed. I feel great wearing them; I can actually feel it correcting my posture as opposed to the slightly hunched way previous bras had made me feel.

I highly recommend this place. Go do yourself a favor and get fitted and get dressed in something that actually makes you feel good.

Kathy F. - Yelp Review

Kathy was great! Her daughter Kari was helping in the store and so helpful and sweet.
Thank you so much!!

Lina C. - Yelp Review

I absolutely LOVE this place! It's so hard as a big busted girl to find a comfortable yet cute bra. They have a fabulous selection here and the people who work here are so awesome! So sweet and so helpful. And go out of their way to help you out.

Jennifer L. - Yelp Review

This is the easiest bra shopping ever! I'll never go to a department store or VS again. I was fitted in a perfect bra and out the door in no time!!! My new bra makes me look like I got my boobs done!!!

Lisa J. - Yelp Review

Love this store! Great customer service and very friendly. I felt that they were attentive and very knowledgeable. I really liked the selection and variety they have. Bras, lingerie,  swimwear.  I'll definitely come back!

Christina W. - Yelp Review