Why can't I order all products online?

If fitting were a black and white event, we would be more than happy to order for you online. Honestly, it would be easier for everyone! However, just about everyone who walks into our store in wearing the wrong size bra. Very few people have been taught the art of fitting bras correctly.

As with most clothing, sizes only give you guidelines. Every bra, every brand, every style will fit differently. Not to mention everyone's shape, size, build and position....full and perky, shallow, droopy, real, enhanced, surgically changed, etc. And a weight change of only 10-15 pounds will affect how your bra fits! With such a variety of bodies and styles, a fitting is a must. Once fitted and you wish the EXACT same bra within a few months' time, we can refill your order quite easily.

What do I do when I get there?

With our attentive, personal approach, after you arrive, you really don't have to do much at all. Allow us to do all the work! Accurate measurements are taken in the comfort of our spacious, private fitting rooms and we bring you the most appropriate styles and sizes to try on catering to your needs.

How long does a fitting take?

Most of our fittings take about 30-45 minutes. This can vary, of course. Our personalize approach doesn't allow for corners to be cut. We always welcome walk-ins, and love appointments. If you find yourself having to wait for a few moments, make yourself right at home in our sitting area with coffee, tea, water and reading materials.


How much does a fitting cost?

We never charge for any fittings! This is our gift to you.

What size am I?

More than likely, you are in the wrong size right this minute. The only way we can assess the proper size AND style, is to see you in person. With so many designs to choose from and so many body shapes, it is nearly impossible any other way. Your band size may be a fairly constant number for you, however, the proper cup size and style is best done by a try-on-and-see method.

The cup size shifts with the band size. For example, the cup size on a 40D is visibly bigger than a cup size on a 30D. Most ladies are trying to fit the cup size first, when in reality, the band sizing will dictate the cup size needed. Most of your support comes from the band. The straps hold only about 20% of the full weight of the bust. If the bra is ill-fitted, the cups will not the right size. This is when breasts sag and shoulders and backs begin to ache. We can get you uplifted, supported and properly sized in the time it takes for lunch!

What kinds of insurance do you take?

We will be accepting insurance soon. Please check back with us.


Do you do hard-to-fit small size and style bras?

Yes! We carry bras of ALL sizes and shapes. Please come in and we'll get you properly fitted.


Do I need to do anything or bring anything to a fitting?

Just your smile!


What kinds of questions should I ask?

Ask what kind of training and certification the bra fitter has. There are organizations will certify anyone who has undergone a specific bra fitting training program and invested a number of hours. Some fitters, like myself, will also carry Mastectomy Fitting Certifications, which specialize in fitting someone who has undergone surgeries of any kind.

Care and feeding of a bra?

We recommend a gently soap, hand washing and air drying. The heat from a dryer will break down the fibers of the elastic in your bras, not to mention play havoc with any of the more fragile material like lace. If you must use a washer, cold water on the gentle cycle, in a protective lingerie bag.